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About Us

TecnoCientifica was founded in 1999. Gustavo Caneda, the founder, with 10 years previous experience in spectrology decides to create a company specifically dedicated to provide service, technical assistance and advice, in the field of quality control and process.

In 2001, the supply of last generation optical and photometric technologies is included in the company portfolio. The decision was not only to import but also to develop and adapt these systems to the specific needs of our users. We design our own spectrometric systems including optical sensors, light sources, fiber optic commuters, electronics and specific software.

As a fundamental step in the organization of this new challenge, Cristian Christiansen, software, data management and communications expert, came to the company as a partner.
We also provide different industries with instruments for quality and process control, representing in Argentina, and in some cases in other countries, international and remarkable companies (see Representations )

The excellence in the relationship with our customers is a key point of our success. Due to that, we won the trust of the most important companies of this market. That pushed us to get involved in very high risk and sophisticated projects, not only because of its technological and economical dimension, but also because of it innovative feature.

Online systems take a privilege part of our work, being pioneers in this matter, and the only company in Argentina with 5(five) systems installed and working in leaders companies of the agri food business.
Actually we are in the process of our international expansion, building a distributor network that allows us to take our developments to other countries of the world. United States, Brazil and South Africa are the first countries that are representing us in their markets. We are very proud of it.
Our staff and the trust of our customers are growing each day. They are the most important guarantee of our company and professional achievements. Also they are the most important constructive critics, the ones that make us to constantly get better.
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