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OnLine Process NIR
Real time analysis solution
These systems are designed and tested by TecnoCientifica for universal reflectance applications in process control. Our systems are innovative and specialized for today’s market demand for real time control. The devices are simple, robust, and versatile specially created to work under harsh plant conditions.

Technical Specifications
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The entire system is controlled by software developed by TecnoCientifica. The operator receives the information directly on the screen of his computer. He can program high and low alarms, target production lines, customized graphical data, control sample period, and average real-time data from each product/point. Each measuring point is independent and can be configured to control different kinds of products allowing the user to obtain different data from each step of the process in the production plant.
A very important feature of the system is the ability to control important parameters of acquisition such as: “integration time” and how many spectrums to average. Obtaining data in this way provides the user with the ability to control the amount of information they would like to collect. This creates great uniformity and minimizes the problems with sample particle heterogeneity.

It is no longer necessary to take and manage a sample by the operators. This eliminates   costly operation delays allowing the Production Manager to take actions immediately when a problem or distortion arises in one or more of the parameters been controlled.

It is very simple to dismantle the system for maintenance and all the sensible parts are inside special designed cabinets to avoid any problem or damage.

Because of the high volumes in production it is important to increase the frequency of measurements made in a process control environment to receive fast answers and respond quickly if a problem appears that could cause decrease the product quality or lead to an efficiency loss. Today spending an hour making an inefficient extraction can lead to a negative economic impact and also can provide complications because of quality problems.

The use of spectroscopy for control and analysis provides a number of benefits supplying a clean (no reagents – no residues), low cost, fast, and non-destructive solution.

System components:
• The central and automatic control unit:
this is where the heart of the system is located (NIR unit), the fiber Optics commuter (sequential management of different control points – remote control with only one NIR) and the electronics for automation. The NIR disperser is installed in a special TEC unit that keeps its ambient temperature in 20°C +/- 0.1°C

• Online remote devices: they include the light source, the optical sensor, reference system, and auto sampling system used for calibration and validation.

• Software for automation of the entire system.

The remote devices are installed in cabinets where the light does not enter in direct contact with the sample. It illuminates the sample across a high quality optical glass window avoiding any wear of the sensor.

The NIR unit receives the optical information from the remote devices which are connected using fiber optics. Up to twelve measurement points can be connected to one NIR unit by simply connecting a fiber optic commuter exclusive to the TecnoCientífica design.

Different parameters can be measured simultaneously at each point. Within the NIR data that we collect moisture, fat, protein, fiber, and starch measurements can be made. There are also other parameters that can be measured upon request so please feel free to contact us with any questions. Measurements of whole, process, or milled grains can be made using our system.


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