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TecnoCientifica is a company fully dedicated to solve our customer problems developing special solutions for them. Based on these criteria we invest a lot of our time in the design of our systems, complementing them with our providers technology. We offer these solutions to the market specially for quality and process control in different industries.

Own developments - Applied Spectroscopy - Special Devices

More than 15 years working in the agri-food business selling, installing, calibrating and developing NIR spectrophotometers gives us a solid knowledge to work with this complex technology. Food and grains are non homogeneous products and needs some special consideration when you are taking decisions. Sample management and calibration development are extremely sensible procedures that highly affect final results. We use our experience to solve these problems, making it simpler for the operator, who concentrates only in the results, because we deliver a product fully automatic and calibrated.

We believe in easy solutions. This is what we have learned with our work. We always start with the basics, going step by step to the complex situations. Finally we want to find the more universal solution, to cover as much applications as we can.

Our devices are simple, robust, and versatile and give us a very good range of possibilities. We are proud of them and they are the result of our efforts, design and development.

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